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Journeyman Project

Journeyman: A  skilled worker who has successfully completed an official apprenticeship qualification in a building trade or craft. They are considered competent and authorized to work in that field as a fully qualified employee.

Every Level 8 W.R.A.P. student participates in a year long "thesis" called their Journeyman Project. The student, in collaboration with their Emphasis' Deputy, develops and produces their own full-length production. 


An example of Journeyman Projects include:

A Dance Emphasis student may cast, choreograph, or perform their own full-length mixed rep.

An Acting Emphasis student may direct, write, or perform their own full-length show.

A Music Emphasis student may compose, conduct, or perform their own full-length concert.


The possibilities are limited only by the imagination and creativity of each student.


All proceeds raised by producing a Journeyman Project are awarded to the student as a college scholarship. 


Not a W.R.A.P. student? 

Still want to do a Journeyman Project for the experience or to build a portfolio?
Interested in a college scholarship?
We do accept applicants outside the W.R.A.P. for the Journeyman Project!


Apply Below:

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