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The JET-PAC is committed to providing the foundation and training for students to become Well Rounded Artists while evaluating and developing each individual’s inherent strengths and weaknesses to their maximum potential. The Academy specializes in quality instruction and training in many areas of visual and performance art with a specific emphasis on dance, acting, and vocal performance.




The JET-PAC philosophy is rooted in our unique commitment to each of the artistic paths equally. Our instructors are fully qualified and knowledgeable in their areas of study and teaching. You will receive dance training ONLY from working, professional dancers and choreographers, acting training ONLY from working, professional actors, and voice training ONLY from working, professional singers. No exceptions. 



Our Teaching Artists

At The JET-PAC, we encourage and celebrate our Teaching Artist's professional endeavors and value and share their successes in their fields. Every Teaching Artist at our Academy is required to continue their education and training outside of the academy and professional company. While other institutions normally expect their instructors to put their performance careers second to their Academy’s teaching schedule, we believe that inhibits and plateaus a Teaching Artist's skills and ability to grow as performers and educators. 


Artists are never done learning and every single one of our Juxtapose Teaching Artists will be held to the highest standard and expected to continue the professional development of their skills while making outside connections and bringing those experiences back to our Academy for the benefit of our students. 


Each Emphasis has its own Deputy that oversees that entire Emphasis student body and curriculum and works closely with the Artistic Director to monitor student growth and create an individualized curriculum for each student as they advance through the W.R.A.P. levels.

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