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Dance Courses

Acting Courses

Music Courses


Instruction design to introduce and improve skill, dexterity, and performance ability on the guitar or ukulele.

Music Theory

A class setting where students engage in music theory exercises to develop their understanding of scales and the structure of music to improve their ability to improvise and construct melodies.


Instruction design to introduce and improve skill, dexterity, and performance ability on the piano.


This movement is heavily derived from the ballet technique. Using the foundation established in ballet, the dancers will experiment with different ways of moving and incorporate a variety of styles (lyrical, pop, Fosse, etc). The dancers will become familiar with the technique of improvisation and inventing a new approach to their movement.

Study of Shakespeare

Students will be introduced to the works of William Shakespeare and his formulas and devices. Plays will be read in class and select sides rehearsed and performed for each other. Works inspired by and modeled after William Shakespeare will also be studied.

Building a Character

Students will be introduced to the differed styles of acting and methods of building a character. This course will be monologue and two person scene centered with the primary focus being on building relationships and finding the truth in characters. 


Starting with fundamental basic positions and covering a vast curriculum over several levels and transitions, the dancers will learn the appropriate terminology and practice using the accurate descriptions of each term. Using a combination of the Vaganova and Cecchetti teaching methods.


The dancers will practice the classical methods of modern dance (Cunningham, Horton, Graham, Limo'n, etc). Forming a foundation that will prepare them for a diverse range of movement.


This course will cover a wide range of curriculum and terminology. Concentratin g on the rhythms and timing of of the movement, the dancers will learn to execute the tap curriculum with clarity and precision. They will cover all styles of tap ranging from classical broadway to street.


This course will instill the classical form of character dance that can be found in all traditional ballet productions. The dancers will become familiar with the presence, form, and many styles derived from this traditional folk dancing.

Introduction to Acting

Students will learn the basics and foundation for basic acting techniques, technical terms for the stage and theatre, and be introduced to monologues and short scenes Introduction to pantomime and improvisation.

Theatrical Styles

Students will be introduced to the common and less common styles of theatre. Epic Theatre, Farce, Postmodernism, Commedia, and Theatre of the Oppressed are a few of the styles to be introduced.

Vocal Performance

Private, one on one, instruction design to introduce and improve pitch, tone, and overall quality of vocal performance.


Students will develop their auditioning skills while crafting their own audition book filled with songs and monologues chosen specifically for their age, skill level, and type.

Song Composition

Instruction design to introduce and improve the ability of the student to structure and develop poetry skills and compose original music .

Vocal Ensemble

A class setting where students come together to learn and perform popular songs with accompaniment.

A Capella Performance Group

An audition only performance based class in the style of Pentatonix design to improve musicality and reading. There will be performance opportunities throughout the year.


Students will learn the fundamentals and advanced techniques of improvisation. 

Classical Repertoire

The dancers will study the traditional choreography found in professional productions of the ballet classics. They will develop a library of choreography and be familiar with the movement that is required of professional dancers.

Theatre Dance

From classical broadway, to Fosse, to Contemporary musicals, the students will be exposed to a wide variety of movement and become familiar with the works and techniques of different Musical Theatre choreographers.


An introductory course in directing for the stage. Topics include the role and function of the director in the contemporary theater; the basic tools of proscenium blocking and staging, such as picturization, movement, script analysis; and basic actor coaching techniques.


Coming Soon

Voice Acting

In this course, students will hone the fast paced skills necessary to become proficient in the dubbing studio. Some lessons will include: Cold reading, matching mouth movement to character intention, vocal manipulation and character discovery.


Selling a Song

Taught by Pride Superstar 2016 Christina Wells, the art of stage presence and selling a song is an invaluable skill in the performing arts. Sure, you can sing it, but can you sell it?

Additional Courses


Professional model Susan Mele provides the do's and don'ts and the tips of the trade of the fashion industry. Come walk the catwalk and learn how to model.

Film Making

Students will be introduced to the differences in camera and stage acting. There will be a few film projects done in groups through the year (a music video, silent film, a commercial, and/or short film).


A class where students develop story telling skills and basic playwriting techniques. Students will learn script formatting and will complete two ten minute plays.


"Found Object" puppetry is an exciting and resourceful class designed for students to build and create puppets out of just about anything. Basic puppetry technique will also be explored.


We have several staff members proficient in the art of silk choreography. This course explores stunts and movement up in the air in a safe and fun environment.


Our tech course! Learn how to focus and run a light board, sew costumes, and make props with some of the talented staff that designs our shows. First hand involvement in all productions.

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